Having served in the Military and/or Emergency Services, we speak a different “language” and often do not feel comfortable talking with anyone unless “they’ve been there.” We get it. Viribus is Latin for “Strength.” It took strength for all of us to serve, and now, it takes that same strength to face whatever it is that we need to.


Each Pathfinder is a Veteran/First Responder or Spouse of a Veteran/First Responder and a Certified Life Coach.  They use their own personal experience and training to help others going through their own challenges. 

Licensed Therapist

Each Licensed Therapist is a Veteran/First Responder or Spouse of a Veteran/First Responder and offers a higher level of services.  Each Licensed Therapist has at least a Masters Degree and has passed the stringent education, clinical supervision, training and licensing requirements for their State of residence.  Each licensed therapist’s credentials are verified prior to joining Viribus.


Each Licensed Therapist and Pathfinder has served in the U.S. Military and/or as a First Responder and understands firsthand what it is like.  Often, many of the Licensed Therapists and Pathfinders have experienced their own challenges and has undergone their own journey of recovery.  They are all dedicated to working with others to help them with whatever it is they are going through.

Unfortunately, at this time, Viribus is only for Veterans, First Responders and their spouse/former spouse.

Pathfinders are not able to and will not provide you a diagnosis. However, our Licensed Therapists are fully capable to provide a diagnosis when deemed clinically appropriate.

“Viribus” is Latin, meaning “With all your might” and/or “Strength.”  This word was chosen for the name of the Company because we believe that it takes great strength to face the challenges that we all face in our lives.  Especially from our service in the Military or Emergency Services.  Unfortunately, this service often leaves us with difficulties in our lives that very few fully understand.  That is why this company was founded.  As our motto states, “You’ve been there, We’ve been there.

It is important that an individual who is in need of help, takes the personal initiative to reach out on their own accord. For that reason, Viribus’ Licensed Therapists, Pathfinders and staff do not contact individuals unsolicited.

Viribus’ Licensed Therapists, Pathfinders, and staff are NOT an immediate crisis resource.  If you are in an immediate crisis, PLEASE call 911 or any of the resources listed below.

  1. US Department of Veterans Administration – https://www.va.gov/
  2. US Department of Veterans Administration Mental Health – https://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/MENTALHEALTH/get-help/index.asp.
  3. Veterans Crisis Line – https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/   

    Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, 24/7      Chat online – Text to 838255

  4. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

    Call 1-800-273-8255


Absolutely!  Please email your request to: support@viribus.life and we will contact you with the process as soon as possible.